House Three Sheets

upstarts of the East Kingdom

Pennsic 45, 2016


A funny thing happens, especially in the off season, when we tend to take a break from brewing and putting on armor: we forget just how much we love playing in the SCA.

Those of you keeping tabs on my updates via FB might have gotten the wrong idea about this year’s War. Despite the high heat index, and the periodic storms, this was another great Pennsic. I think we have finally gotten to the easy preparation level of event-going, although we admittedly forget that we don’t have enough garb for Pennsic. But it was a simple thing to put all the gear in the car the day before, then beetle down Rt. 90 towards Slippery Rock (next time we’ll pack our own lunches, though- those rest stops are grim…)

We arrived just before a beautiful sunset-you know the kind-and threw up the tent and everything else inside. A quick trip to the food court to ward of hanger, then a casual turn around the lake, breathing in the campfire smoke and the smells of people cooking.

Every day unfolded much like that. Aoife took a heap of classes, everything from an Ottoman singalong down in the bog to a lecture on how what the bones of early Saxons tell us about their diet. Thoroughly interesting and inspiring all around; she plans to file all her class notes away in a binder for future reference. She also stopped in during the Inter-kingdom Brewers’ Guild roundtable and the same for the East, even though she had nothing to panel. Dozens of quirky, mostly delicious brews made their way around both of those events, and she left, as always, a little tipsy and inspired to get back into the brewing game.

Brego fought in four of the battles, tagging along with our campmates in the Aethelmearc host. He had a few great moments, his favorite of which was assuming command of a dozen surviving fighters protecting a castle sally port after the commander was killed. He got to call for additional shields to gather at the gate, and yell for a “Shieldwall!” several times to repulse enemy charges. When he saw that the right wall of the castle had fallen, he got to command the unit to wheel and redeploy to avoid being flanked. It was pretty awesome Add to that a few punches through enemy shieldwalls and spears, and he came back to camp happy every day.

As always, we’re very keen to play the game after we come home from Pennsic. Aoife’s goals include learning new songs and getting her laurel in Bees. Because, well… BEES. Brego plans to try and raise a fyrd of new fighters. Stay tuned for updates on both.


Event Summary

Members in attendance: 2

Nights camped: 7

Classes attended: 9+

Homebrews sampled: >25

Hours volunteered: 0 (whoops)

Battles fought: 4




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