House Three Sheets

upstarts of the East Kingdom

GNE – Great Northeastern War, 2014

If the household could only make it to one event this year, then it had better be a good one.

GNE was, in fact, great.

We had a really good showing from our members (Tali, Vivienne, Adelisa, Branoc, Brego, Aoife, and Maccus), as well as three new prospectives! Ben, Meagan, and Cliff joined us for their first event, where we did our best to win them over to our cause. I think we did pretty well. William the Hound was in attendance, his first camping event. He was delighted by the prospect of being part of such a strong new pack, and living outdoors. However, his enthusiasm waned somewhat as the drums and fireworks picked up in the evening. He was perfectly content to return home, but was a star eventer while we were there. He didn’t even pee on anyone’s tent once.

The fighters of the household took to the field on Saturday, where they fought well as a unit in the field and bridge battles. Tali, Brego, Brannoc, and Maccus, together with Valerian of Somerset, formed a “run team” responsible for protecting the the Malagentian left flank and assaulting Endewearde should an interior flank present an opportunity. In the war point battle, the household fighters performed admirably, quickly eliminating a similar run team from Endewearde, commanded by a knight from Bloodguard, and then outflanking Endewearde in a maneuver that was instrumental in the Malagentian victory. Pictures are available on our Facebook page.

Aoife attended the EK Brewers Potables competition, where there was a truly impressive array (30+) of brews, predominantly meads. She entered a licorice cordial from 1655, and a 14th century hippocras that is worthy of any Dornish table.

A highlight for many of our members was seeing new folks’ baffled delight at the Thunder Party, with its bellydancers and fire poi. Branoc, Ben, and Aoife sang around the campfire for a bit before we all headed out to bars and parties for the night.

As always, we came away from the weekend re-energized for future events. We’d like to revamp how we pack for and get to events, as well as improve the structure of the actual camp when we get there. Tables, chairs, and some food ideas are all priorities. Aoife hopes to work with Branoc to create a Household songbook and CD.

Thanks to everyone who came out and helped make this such a fantastic and fun event!!


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