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Brego’s Updated Shield

I started with an aluminum shield blank. It’s the shield that Brego has been using for a couple of years, and it’s long past time it looked the part of a real shield. Here’s a photo of his next blank:

Aluminum Blank

Onto this, I spread a fairly hefty layer of contact cement (DAP gel style), followed by a sheet of thick canvas. I found, belatedly, that it’s important to iron out the wrinkles and creased from the canvas before starting the gluing process. I applied the canvas starting at the top of the shield, then smoothed it down, pressing firmly to make sure it was attached. I left about 1″ extra hanging over the edge. At the end of this phase, it looked like this:

Canvased Blank

To paint the device, I got a couple of sample size paint canisters, tinted to the colors we chose. I then penciled in the design, and used an assortment of brushes to paint in the design. For the details and outlining, I used a small brush and watered down paint (I tried using a sharpie, but it didn’t take with the paint). In the end, I love the way it turned out.

To fasten the shield edging on, I used strips of leather pulled taut over the edging and secured with bolts and decorative nuts.


And finally, the finished shield:


  • Shield Blank: $65
  • Basket: $35
  • Contact Cement: $15
  • Canvas: free
  • Leather: free
  • Paint: $5
  • Hardware: $14
  • Total: ~$120

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