House Three Sheets

upstarts of the East Kingdom

Cohasset Wars

This event was to be the reboot of what used to be Vinland Raids, which Medbh, Adelisa, and Aoife attended a couple years ago.

This year, Tali, Vivienne, Brego, and Dougal came as well. Adelisa and Aoife took on the task of setting up camp, and got there early to secure a good spot. Unnecessary in the end, since there were many, many places to camp, and because the campsite is so spread out, many people daytripped the event. They treated themselves to a town run lunch, during which time an inquisitive raven plundered the camp, making off with honeycakes and corn chips. That night, the campers were perplexed by a zipper-like sound that sparked the imagination of all present. Suggestions included the ever-shrinking ghost of a boy scout on a tricycle, and some sort of a chicken-lizard hybrid. It was agreed that a chupacabra would be louder, and probably ride a motorcycle. (Further internet research indicates it could have been a skunk.)

Throughout the event, we mostly stayed around our little campfire, although we ventured out to peruse merchants, and Vivienne spent some time at the archery range. There was food aplenty throughout the day, and both the sandwich press and new spit/grill system were broken in for the first time. We were camped near the battlefield, which made it easy for the boys to come back in between bouts of fighting for food and drink. The three field battles were good, and Tali and Brego did some pickups after the scenarios.

The day ended with a good feast, with many courses. I particularly liked the soft cheese, dates in cherry, and the awesome chicken at the end. It nearly made up for the event being at a dry site, even to this brewer…

The next morning, Tali, Vivienne, Brego, Adelisa, and Aoife broke camp and headed home, stopping in Plymouth for breakfast. They also wandered a bit, developing an alternative history narrative of New England. Near as we can tell, Columbus landed on Plymouth Rock, where he invited the Vikings to a witch-hanging, only to discover that they were already here. Meanwhile, the Chinese had landed in California a few centuries before, leaving behind potsherds and interbreeding with the local tribes to create what would become the Algonquin, before ascending to a higher plane. Either Columbus or Paul Revere engraved “1620” on the Rock, which was later rent in half by the civil war. Lincoln pledged to rejoin the halves when the nation was healed, using cement made from gravel in General Lee’s driveway.

Look for the illustrated children’s book soon… 😉


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