House Three Sheets

upstarts of the East Kingdom

Panteria 2013

What a crazy event. Or non-event, as it turned out to be. I mean, it usually rains at Panteria, but here and there, mixed with warm sunshine. The ladies of H3S rely on Panteria as our very first sun preparation for Pennsic, and accordingly bring trashy novels and beach towels.

This year, the towels were for drying us out, and an extra layer on top at night. Friday night was cold and damp, but thanks to a last minute supply run by Aoife and Adelisa, tarps were dispatched where needed, and we all stayed mostly dry. The next night was laughably horrible.

It snowed.

Giant, mouse-sized clumps of wet snow being shaken from the boots of the gods came thwacking down from the heavens, which was a first for all of us. It clung to the canvas of our tents, and weighed down the nylon domes. We had visions of waking to a world blanketed in white, and couldn’t really conceive of how to cope with that. Fortunately, the snow was gone by morning, and we even had a brief dry spell in which to pack up.

Somehow, despite all of the lousy weather, we managed to enjoy ourselves. Aoife made it through the mud to a brewer’s guild meeting (whoo, new friends!), the boys played games and somehow persisted in keeping a fire going for most of the rainy first night. Rather than getting to throw axes for the first time in about a decade, Gregor found new uses for the weapons as bottle openers. We were happy to bail early to come home, dry off, and settle in for a long overdue viewing of Excalibur. 🙂


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