House Three Sheets

upstarts of the East Kingdom

First House Practice

Awesome! We had a great first practice of the season this past weekend, and since the weather is so nice, and most other practices were called off on account of Crown, we decided to have our own. We chose for our venue Ringer Park, in Allston, which has a great combination of flat grassy space and wooded, rocky bits.

This was by far our largest household gathering to date, and it was nice to get some of the newer fighters out in armor for the first time. Wulfric came for the first time, and Branoc got to try out his new kit. Maccus was up from the south, Dougal from down the street, and Tali from north of the city. Ser Federach was good enough to come out to fight and give advice to some of the newer fighters. Adelisa and Aoife were on hand to sunbathe, drink lemonade, apply duct tape, and chat up spectators.

It’s an ideal setting for a small practice, with many folks wandering by to inquire what we were doing, but not enough to be bothered by the noise. We even got a couple of people to heft some shields and try on helmets! Discussions are underway about a possible small demo on the site.

Now, if we can just train up a couple of triads, we’ll be even more badass. 🙂


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