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Brew U

Aoife made it to Brew U this weekend in the Shire of the Frosted Hills, and had a blast! It was awesome to chat with other historical brewing enthusiasts (and a welcome respite from such conversations for Aoife’s housemates), and she came away from the event with many new ideas for future projects and brews. Roman Coan wine and a heather ale with malted oats are near the top of the list.




Metheglin Mead

Aoife also paneled two of her brews- a first for her! Despite much fretting about documentation and bottles, she did very well, receiving a 77 on her heather ale, and an 83 on her metheglin (pictured above). With those scores, she’s now a Novice brewer in the East Kingdom Brewers Guild, and is already planning what to panel next time.

sĀ Brew U sampling


The evening was full of feasting and much sampling. Her gruit and plum wine were well received by the collective brewers, and she even scored a couple of bottles to take home for later drinking.

All in all, an awesome event, and definitely one to be repeated! Many thanks to all who made it possible, and shared their creativity, brews, and ideas!


One comment on “Brew U

  1. Kythe Szubielka
    April 23, 2013

    Great to meet you Aoife. Hopefully I’ll run into you again sometime. Kythe

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