House Three Sheets

upstarts of the East Kingdom

Birka, 2013

What an event!

There is a whirlwind of news to relate, namely that Brego, Aoife, and Meadbh got their AoAs! It’s been a while in coming, and couldn’t be better deserved, for fighting and helping at events, fighter support and growing the SCA, and A&S. Apparently the cookbook didn’t hurt, either. Brego and Aoife got their scrolls during court, and Meadbh’s is on the way.

The shopping was good, as usual. Some of the newer members, such as Douglas and Branoc, were able to fill out their wardrobes and assemble other quirky items, such as a war horn. The latter was tested at full strength from the top of the parking garage, and found to be quite effective. Aoife found some last minutes accessories for her Viking dress getup, including brass fittings for a new belt and pouch combo.

It was Branoc’s first event, and the first at which Meadbh put an entry into A&S. Brego and Douglas both fought in the bearpit, acquitting themselves well against a variety of fighters. We were also able to spend a great deal of time with Tali and Vivienne, when they weren’t fighting and dancing, respectively. As a big group, we had a blast at another great event!


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