House Three Sheets

upstarts of the East Kingdom


Co-hosted by Barony Beyond the Mountain and Barony of Bergental, it was one of the best day events we’ve been to. In attendance were Brego, Douglas, Aoife, Meabh, Adelisa, and Gregor.

There were a variety of interesting fundraisers, including a cookie swap with delicious gingerbread, a silent auction, and an A&S competition that reaffirmed the need for a number of us to put in entries in a future competition.

Brego and Douglas participated in the somewhat haphazard spear tournament, but the highlight of their afternoon was the Boar Hunt through the woods. Brego was a Hunter, and Douglas a Hound. Between them, they took out 10 “Boar”!

Aoife entered two brews into the brewing competition and panel: her first batch of 1655 Metheglin, and her 1800s Plum Wine with mahlep and hibiscus. The panel was great fun, and educational in terms of future competitions. At court, it was announced that Aoife took 3rd place, receiving as an award a small skull cup. She was delighted, and plans to make a belt holster for the cup so she can take it to future brewing events.

The dayboard was nice, but sadly, due to some miscommunications, we thought we were waitlisted for the feast, and thus made other plans. Turns out we were on the list the whole time, but never even brought feast gear since we had planned to leave. It looked like a great feast, so hopefully we’ll get the chance next year!


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