House Three Sheets

upstarts of the East Kingdom

Household Pell

The first phase was hastened by the onset of rain, directly onto the bag of newly purchased concrete mix. Whoops.

Some frantic mixing and pouring resulted in a nice, straight 4×4 securely cemented in a bucket. It’s secure, but too top-heavy to be really great. We may try stabilizing it with some tires.

For the crossbar, I shopped around at Home Depot until I came up with a selection of brackets that looked like they would work, then overlapped them around the crossbar.


I followed this up with open cell foam: a single layer on the arms, and a double on the body. I bound it on with strapping tape.


Next, I covered the open cell with a single layer of closed cell camp mat foam, also held on with strapping tape. We’re going to try to keep the pell out of the worst of the winter weather, but just in case, I’ve taped up all the obvious seams and openings to try and reduce the amount of moisture that would get in and moulder. 


  • Lumber: $24
  • Hardware: $15.50
  • Concrete: $5
  • Open Cell foam: free
  • Closed Cell foam: free
  • Carpet: ~$10
  • Total: $56.50

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