House Three Sheets

upstarts of the East Kingdom

100 Minutes War

Brego, Aoife, Adelisa, and Douglas spent Saturday at 100 Minutes War, down in Sparta NJ.

Our newest fighter Douglas got authorized! He was wrung through a surprisingly rigorous auth (read: mild hazing), in which he surprised his opponent with an excellent legging followed by a quick thrust to the face. We were delighted with his showing, especially given that it’s probably his fifth or sixth time in armor. He rapidly assimilated all of the last minute tips and rules we threw at him, and was approved to fight.

The loaner gear is really a form of hazing on its own. We’re determined to improve upon this drastically in the coming months…

The fighting was terrific, and ran from around 1-5, just before the sun went down. It was a constant res battle, in which some of the larger fighting groups maintained their cohesion on either end of the field, but the units in the middle seemed to fall apart a bit. Efforts to get at one another were hampered somewhat by the amount of brush, trees, and a decrepit stone wall down the middle of the field. On the end nearest the spectators, a smallish puddle turned into a mud pit. A few fighters valiantly went into the mud when they were legged or killed, garnering respect from the rest.

Douglas is headed to our side of the field for the start of the day’s fighting

The dayboard was completely fantastic, including boiled eggs, thick sliced turkey, bread and honeybutter, wonderful beef & barley stew, and these epic, delicious little mini meat pies. Aoife thinks she will need to get the recipe for those. 🙂

It was our first time at 100 Minutes, and we’re glad to have a better grasp of what’s available. Adelisa and Aoife, upon venturing up to the main building, discovered that there were thrown weapons (we had brought ours just in case), and merchants. Whoops.

Still, it was an enjoyable day, and driving down the same morning was definitely the right move. It seemed there might have been cabins available to reserve, but it wasn’t clear, so we ended up staying in a hotel, and driving back to Boston the next day. All in all, a nice event, and great to get a new fighter on the field!

This is like a before and after shot. Much of the armor Douglas is wearing, Brego wore when he first started fighting. One has to start somewhere… 🙂



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