House Three Sheets

upstarts of the East Kingdom

Acre’s Autumn Crusade

We had a blast at this event!

It was the first year that Acre threw the event, and they had a great turnout. There were about 40 fighters, and the scenarios were awesome. They involved two groups of combatants vying for control of a movable “relic”. During the 3.5 hour res battle, the relic was carried to three battlefields, so the terrain was constantly changing: ravine, woods, and castle. Perhaps what made the fighting most enjoyable, though, was the high caliber of skill on the field coupled with the chivalry and goodwill shown by all the fighters from Acre. 

Meabh, Aoife, and Adelisa read, crafted, and bore water & food for their lone fighter, Brego. The campsite was on the smaller side, but very well laid out, with cabins and spots for tents in the woods. Although a bit on the pricey side, the food alone was well worth the cost. The breakfasts powered the fighters; the dayboard was heaped with fruits, cheeses, huge hams, and soup; the feast was a wide array of meats in gravy, legumes, hot bread, and some amazing apple tarts topped with whipped cream. Ave the chefs!

Many thanks to Their Graces Arianna & Luthor for hosting such an enjoyable event!



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