House Three Sheets

upstarts of the East Kingdom

Pennsic 45, 2016

A funny thing happens, especially in the off season, when we tend to take a break from brewing and putting on armor: we forget just how much we love playing … Continue reading

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GNE – Great Northeastern War, 2014

If the household could only make it to one event this year, then it had better be a good one. GNE was, in fact, great. We had a really good showing … Continue reading

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Pennsic 44, 2015

  This year saw only four members of the household able to make the trip to Pennsic: Adelisa, Medbh, Aoife, and Brego. But even given that, and the fact that … Continue reading

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Brego’s Updated Shield

I started with an aluminum shield blank. It’s the shield that Brego has been using for a couple of years, and it’s long past time it looked the part of … Continue reading

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The right to Bear-Arms

Since our baroness didn’t receive her AoA scroll back when, we decided to remedy that. Aoife painted and penned a new scroll, but as we are mere peons, and don’t … Continue reading

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Acre’s Autumn Crusade, 2013

As always, Acre throws a wonderful event. Since the forecast predicted some rain, we opted to all share a cabin this year, and despite the itty bitty boy scout sizes … Continue reading

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Cohasset Wars

This event was to be the reboot of what used to be Vinland Raids, which Medbh, Adelisa, and Aoife attended a couple years ago. This year, Tali, Vivienne, Brego, and … Continue reading

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